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Photo 1 - High school building with a central boiler room

After the open procedure for the selection of contractors announced by the Municipality, well before the agreed deadline, the adaptation of the central boiler room, which supplies heat to the Secondary School Center, Elementary School, Kindergarten, Center for Culture and Sports in Han Pijesak, was successfully completed. The boiler room is located in the building of the High School (Photo 1), and the surrounding facilities are connected by an underground heating system.

The previous use of coal in dilapidated boilers did not provide even basic conditions for the work and stay of students and teachers in schools, preschoolers and kindergarten teachers, visitors and employees of the Center for Culture and Sports. In addition, the use of coal has significantly contributed to air pollution in the city center because

The new boilers will use domestic, renewable energy source - wood pellets (Photo 2), which will, in addition to thermal conditions of comfort, significantly improve the cleanliness of the air in the city. In addition to boilers, new circulation pumps, valves, pipe network, electrical control cabinet ...


Photo 2 - Two new pellet boilers each with a heating output of 350 kW

The project for the execution and execution of thermo-technical installations was done by the company Grijanjeinvest Pale.