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Photo 1: Reconstructed Administrative building of NP "Sutjeska" Tjentište

Completion of works on the implementation of energy efficiency measures at the Administrative Building of the National Park "Sutjeska" soon.

The administrative building of the Public Institution National Park "Sutjeska" Tjentište, Foča Municipality (Photo 1) is on the list of public facilities for which energy efficiency measures are planned within the project "Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project - BEEP", which is financed by a World Bank loan.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Government of the Republika Srpska is in charge of the selected public facilities located on the territory of the Republika Srpska. In addition to the installation of thermal insulation and replacement of windows, a complete reconstruction of the central heating system was performed. The administrative building of the National Park "Sutjeska" has so far been heated by a boiler on light heating oil (Photos 2 and 3) and electric heaters.

Photo 2 and 3: Existing heating oil boiler for heating Administrative building NP "Sutjeska" Tjentište

From this heating season, the building will be heated via a wood pellet boiler (Photo 4), and in order to save additional heating energy, in addition to heat accumulators and automatic regulation of the flow temperature of the water to the outside temperature, radiator valves with thermostatic head.

Photo 4: New installation in the boiler room of the Administrative building of NP "Sutjeska" Tjentište with pellet boiler

It is interesting that back in 1973, a heating oil boiler of one of the world's most famous manufacturers, "Viessmann" Germany, was installed in the building. The same boiler was located in a nearby villa built for Marshal Tito. At that time, as a young engineer of the Sarajevo company "Installer", the founder of "Grijanjeinvest", Veljko Tanic, participated in the execution of works on mechanical installations on both facilities, and he had the opportunity to actively participate in the recently completed reconstruction of mechanical installations on the Administration building.

It is planned that the heating oil boiler, as an exhibit, will be installed in the future "Center for Thermotechnics and Energy Efficiency" which "Grijanjeinvest" is building in Bulozi, East Stari Grad.