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After almost two years from the beginning of the performance, the works on the Sports Hall in East New Sarajevo are coming to an end and everything will be ready for the grand opening on the occasion of the day of the municipality, June 10. The sports and business complex has a usable area of about 15,000 m2, and the capacity of the hall is just over 2,200 spectators.

Sports and business complex in East New Sarajevo

In addition to the arena with stands, the facility has a large number of business premises that the municipality will lease for many years.
Each business premises will have the possibility to control the costs of heating and cooling by installing a device for measuring heat consumption.


Sports and business complex in East New Sarajevo

An air system with two air chambers has been designed for the air conditioning of the sports hall, which provides the required indoor temperature of 18 ° C in winter and 26 ° C in summer. In order to, in addition to satisfying the thermal needs, also meet the needs for ventilation, it is envisaged that the air chambers can operate 0 ÷ 100% of the outside air, depending on the number of people in the hall. The amount of fresh air can be adjusted via the manual setting of the fresh air blind position or automatically, by measuring the CO2 concentration in the exhaust air duct. During the summer, as well as in the transition periods when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature in the hall, and the indoor temperature exceeds the comfort temperature due to heat gains, the system can work with 100% fresh air. If the daytime temperatures are high during the summer, this mode can be used during the night to cool the room.

The prepared air is distributed through pre-insulated ducts that run under the roof of the hall, and is injected through articulated nozzles.

Prepared air supply ducts

For the ventilation of other rooms, several systems are provided by which the heated outside air is brought to the press hall and corridor, and it is extracted from the wardrobe, toilets, rooms for judges and delegates, and the ambulance. Radiator hot water heating is provided for heating auxiliary rooms, stairs, corridors and toilets. Heating and cooling in the halls of the business part was solved through parapet FC devices. Sanitary hot water for the needs of showers in changing rooms is prepared in an accumulation boiler with a volume of 1,000 liters.

A central natural gas boiler room, located on the ground floor of the Sports Hall, is planned to heat the Sports Hall, as well as the nearby Theater. For the required amount of heat, two boilers are installed, one of which is condensing, with the highest possible degree of efficiency. A cooling unit with an air-cooled condenser is provided for cooling the building.

Applied technical solutions, with equipment from top manufacturers, which will achieve the desired conditions of comfort for the stay of people in an energy efficient way, rank the sports hall in East New Sarajevo among the best facilities for similar purposes in Republika Srpska and BiH. The construction works were performed by the company Jokić Invest Zvornik, and the project for the execution and execution of thermo-technical installations by Grijanjeinvest Pale.